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Virginia Supply Chain Initiative

A centralized supply chain resource for business and local government responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Call the VSCI for more information on how we can help you and our community fight the CoronaVirus Disease 804.874.1758

“Virginia Business Taking Care of Virginians”

Virginia’s Network of Logistical Experts

The Virginia Supply Chain Initiative is composed of companies in Virginia that are leaders in their respective disciplines within the supply chain industry. We have come together to provide critical end-to-end distribution resources within the communities that we call home.

VSCI’s Purpose

We are here to provide a centralized and turnkey supply chain support network for state and local governments to effectively receive, aggregate, package and distribute critical resources that allow the Commonwealth to accelerate and enhance their local public readiness and response to the Coronavirus Disease. We are also available for those businessess that are not only responsible for a public response but who may also have a need to adapt their packaging and distribution process to a quickly changing client landscape.

Virgnia Supply Chain Capabilities

Our Supply Chain Partners

COVID-19 Response Solutions

HealthCare Services

Medical & Surgical Supplies, Test Kits, Lab Samples, Prescriptions Drugs

Community Awareness

Distribution of Documents, Public Health and Safety Announcements, Posters

Food Packaging Services

Bulk food shipments, Meal Kits, Door-to-Door Delivery

Sterile Packaging

Assembly/packaging of medical and surgical  trays
Both sterile and non-sterile
EtO sterilization techniques /Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6
Clean room kitting
Contract manufacturing for medical devices

Our Experience

Experience in Disaster Relief & Support

Experience In Same Day Distribution

Experience in Scalable Space Demands

Experienced Medical Couriers

Contact Us

VSCI is currently working with local and state governments to connect fulfillment projects to our large network of experts. If you or someone you know needs supply chain support in the public or private sector, fill out our contact form and we will respond same day. After we understand your needs, we will connect you directly to the logistics company best suited to the task.

VSCI In Action

VSCI Companies Activated to help Louisiana

 Virginia Supply Chain Initiative  is en route to support an effort to feed school children in Louisiana.

  • The school system in Louisiana is working to replicate the steady breakfast and lunch meals that so many students rely on, but are not receiving while the schools are closed due to Covid-19
  • Productiv is working with local leaders in Louisiana to understand the need
  • A food distributor from Louisiana will send the breakfast and lunch contents to a Productiv’s warehouse
  • Richmond Corrugated Box Co. will send the meal boxes to Productiv warehouse
  • Productiv will assemble 60,000 boxes, each with 10 meals per box for a total of 600,000 meals
  • Riverside Logistics will transport the pallets of meals to Louisiana to the affected areas

Productiv – Richmond Corrugated Box Co. – Riverside Logistics

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